Indefinite articles in Spanish

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Do you remember our lesson about the articles? In that post we talked about the “artículos determinados”, aka “how to say “the” in Spanish”.

We saw that in Spanish we have four “Artículos determinados” El / La / Los/ Las depending on the noun the article goes with.

Now it´s time to learn about other kind of articles, the “Artículos Indeterminados”, that in English are: “a” and “some” , and in Spanish are: un, una, unos, unas.

Student note: Hey! Stop! I don´t get it! 

You are right! I didn´t really give any explanation...I think a chart will solve the doubts!



A car

Un coche

A house

Una casa

Some cars

Unos coches

Some houses

Unas casas


So, if I tell you that “comprar” means “to buy”. How would you say “I buy a car”?

Student note: Lets see...first, I buy is “compro”, right?

Sí! Well done!

Student note: And a car.... un coche! So : compro un coche!

Yes! That´s it!. Let me teach you a new irregular verb, and then we´ll practise these articles.

The verb I´m going to teach you is an irregular verb ( you already know one!: SER, do you remember it?). And is... the verb to have (or to own) → TENER


TENER ( to have)

Yo → Tengo

Tú → Tienes

Él → Tiene

Nosotros → Tenemos

Vosotros → Tenéis

Ellos → Tienen


Important note: For now on I´ll present you new verbs like this, without the translation into English of each form, or the notes showing “first person singular, second person...”.
This is the way you´ll find it in most grammar books, just take in account that “Él” (he) is used as an example of third person singular, but you will use the verb form for “Él” for any singular person that is not you or me.
For example: María tiene un coche / Mi hermano tiene una casa.
If you passed all the tests before, you should have the idea clear, but anyway, if you have any doubt about when to use each verb form, write us or take a Skype lesson before the snow ball grows bigger!! 

So, now that you know the verb “TENER”...lets go for some new sentences!


I have a red car

Tengo un coche rojo

Who has the green book?

¿Quién tiene el libro verde?

My mother has the green book

Mi madre tiene el libro verde

The table is black

La mesa es negra

We have a black table

(nosotros) tenemos una mesa negra *

Your brother and you have a big car

Tu hermano y tú tenéis un coche grande

The houses are ugly

Las casas son feas

I have some good books

Tengo unos libros buenos

Berlusconi has some cute girlfriends

Berlusconi tiene unas novias guapas

¿Where is the big book?

¿Dónde está el libro grande?

They don´t have a pen

(Ellos) No tienen un boli

Luis works with a german guy

Luis trabaja con un chico alemán

Luis works with a german girl

Luis trabaja con una chica alemana


* Remember that you don´t need to say “nosotros”, I just write it in brackets to show you that you have the option to say it or not.

Clear? Any doubt about the definite or indefinite articles (or verb Tener!) just ask in the comments!



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