Creer que + Infinitive. Express your opinions in Spanish

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If you want to express your ideas in Spanish one of the verbs that can be more useful for you is the verb “Creer” which means “To think, to believe...”.

In Spanish you´ll usually find this verb with the word “que” right after.

“que” means “that”, and in Spanish its use is compulsory in some sentences where in English you wouldn't need to use it.

So the structure is like this:

Creer + que + verbo en presente


And, if you don´t have a verb after “creer”, then you don´t need “que”, like in “ Creo en Dios” ( I believe in God)


Student note: Más ejemplos, por favor!

Unos ejemplos:

Important note: Remember that Creer is a regular verb ending in -ER


I think you are cute =I think that you are cute Creo que eres guapo
I think there is space = I think that there is space Creo que hay espacio
My father thinks I am a genius = My father thinks that I am a genius Mi padre cree que soy un genio
What do you think? ¿Qué crees?

 *Remember: There is → HAY

A new structure: Tener que + Infinitive

And, talking about useful structures, I´m going to introduce a really important one, just for you :).


TENER + QUE + INFINITIVE → To have to ( similar to “must”)


I have to eat more fruit

Tengo que comer más fruta

My brother has to study English

Mi hermano tiene que estudiar inglés

Where do we have to go?

¿Dónde tenemos que ir?

¿Why do you have to go?

¿Por qué tienes que ir?


*Important note: Check the difference between this two sentences:

- Tengo un coche ( I have a car)

- Tengo que comprar un coche (I have to buy a car)



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