Spanish lessons for kids. Using Skype for education

Do you want your children to learn Spanish from home? Spanish is swiftly becoming one of the most widespread languages in the world, so not surprisingly, a lot of parents want their children to learn it as a second language. 
Whether part of a homeschooling learning program or as review of the contents in school, we can provide your children fun and exciting lessons. Spanish for kids
We don´t follow boring grammar approaches, but our lessons are based on conversational and communicative methodology. 
Thus, your children will communicate in Spanish from day one, and they´ll see why learning this language is important for them. 
We may also use some videos, pictures, games and other interactive stuff so your children will be looking forward to their next lesson!. 
Remember that you can have a free 20 minutes trial, so you can see how our lessons work. 

Student Testimonials

    • Lisa Della Pietra - Germany

      Lisa Della Pietra - Germany

      "I loved all my classes with AlbertoProfesor. We spoke a lot and I really got to improve and practice my Spanish. He is a really funny...

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    • Sonia Grigoletto - Italy

      Sonia Grigoletto - Italy

      "In Barcelona Alberto was one of my teacher at school. He's a very funny guy and a very, very capable Spanish teacher!! You will have fun...

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