Live in Spain? Live in Spanish!

Living in a place where nobody can understand what you want to say its the crappiest thing that can happen to you when you are trying to settle in a new country.Spanish for expats
You may have come to Spain for work, tourism, the lively atmosphere or just for the beach and tapas, but you have probably realized that learning proper Spanish should be in high in your check list. 

Language integration in Spain will give you the chance to meet the locals, make friends, ask question to people in bars and shops, and most important of it all, you´ll discover the real Spain behind the tourist and English-speaking spots. 

We adapt to your needs

Write us and tell us what´s your plan. We can provide you a super intensive course so you can focus only on Spanish for some weeks, or if you prefer we can go slow, step by step so you can enjoy the process (and pain!) of Spanish learning. 

Be sure that our Skype lessons are the fastest, and more convenient way to make your Spanish improve. 

Get your first Skype lesson trial and welcome to real Spain!


Student Testimonials

    • David Martins - Portugal

      David Martins - Portugal

      "I had Spanish lessons with AlbertoProfesor for 3 weeks. My teacher was a great and fun teacher and I really enjoyed having lessons with...

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    • Alexandra Hjorth - Denmark

      Alexandra Hjorth - Denmark

      "The teachers at AlbertoProfesor made learning spanish easy and extremely funny, I really enjoyed their classes"

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