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South America and Spain are great markets for those interesting in exploring new business opportunities. That is why we have developed a special Spanish plan for professionals and businesses who want to be able to close deals in Spanish speaking countries. Spanish for business
Our business plan have been designed by Héctor, a Spanish teacher with more than 20 years of experience who has given more than 10.000 hours of Spanish!. 
He is specialized in Spanish for business, and has received a great recognition from companies all around the world. 
We have programs for marketing, regional laws, commerce, immigration, politics... Just ask us and we will taylor-made a program for you and your company.


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Student Testimonials

    • Barnaby Lim - New York

      Barnaby Lim - New York

      "Alberto does not only teach you Spanish. He gives you the confidence that your Spanish has and will improve. I always feel 'enriched'...

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    • Cara Sophia - Germany

      Cara Sophia - Germany

        Last summer I stayed for 2 months in Barcelona. In the beginning I was very unconfident about my Spanish and was afraid to talk to others in...

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