Do you need to pass a Spanish exam? Don´t worry, we are here to help you! We have successfully trained students to pas the A-level, different DELE exams, and many other exams by different local schools and universities. Spanish for exams

Alberto and Paloma are official DELE examiners, so they will prepare you for your exams, putting special attention to all the difficulties that students normally have when taking an exam.

A mixture of self effort and efficient Skype lessons will provide you all the security you need to pass your exams. No more luck needed!

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Student Testimonials

    • David Martins - Portugal

      David Martins - Portugal

      "I had Spanish lessons with AlbertoProfesor for 3 weeks. My teacher was a great and fun teacher and I really enjoyed having lessons with...

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    • Barnaby Lim - New York

      Barnaby Lim - New York

      "Alberto does not only teach you Spanish. He gives you the confidence that your Spanish has and will improve. I always feel 'enriched'...

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