Speak and understand basic Spanish effectively in a record time.

Focusing on intensive learning and avoiding time wasting.

Our ultra intensive Online Spanish Course will:

  • Bring your Spanish from 0 to basic communication level
  • Show results from day 1
  • Provide you all the materials you need for your study

You don´t need years to start speaking Spanish. In fact you shouldn't even need months! Avoid schools and methods that want you to get a master degree in Spanish before starting to talk. You should focus on learning the basics fast, with a good amount of vocabulary and listening. 
We  have developed a Spanish intensive course that will build your Spanish grammar base firmly, and will let you communicate in Spanish in only one week!. Learn Spanish in a week

We are not trying to tell you that you can learn Spanish in one week, because that is just not true. But we really believe that with our course you can learn how to communicate, use basic expressions and get by in a Spanish speaking enviroment. 

In order to follow this program, you have to make sure that you have enough time to dedicate for 7 days in a row

Once you order our course, you will get: 

  • A daily plan, where you can check what you have to do for the following 7 days, step by step. Your commitment to this consecutive 7 days is essential for your success.
  • The Spanish grammar base made easy. The best and easiest Spanish grammar book ever written, with great explanations and a fun writing style
  • The Spanish exercise booklet, to help rooting the grammar concepts into your mind. Great tool to make sure you understand the concepts you´ll learn
  • A preliminary Skype talk with Alberto, to plan your week and your lessons
  • Two Skype lessons a day, focusing on conversation and question solving.
  • A tutor assigned, whom you can email as often as you need to help you with the course.

If you are interested in our intensive 7 days course, contact us. We are waiting for you!

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Student Testimonials

    • Alexandra Hjorth - Denmark

      Alexandra Hjorth - Denmark

      "The teachers at AlbertoProfesor made learning spanish easy and extremely funny, I really enjoyed their classes"

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    • Cara Sophia - Germany

      Cara Sophia - Germany

        Last summer I stayed for 2 months in Barcelona. In the beginning I was very unconfident about my Spanish and was afraid to talk to others in...

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