If you want to learn Spanish as fast as possible, we have a lot to offer to you!

The Internet gives you the opportunity to have the best intensive Spanish training wherever your live. No need to look for mediocre teachers in your local area. Now you can have a well prepared intensive Spanish course, ready for you.

Our Spanish bootcamp online course will:

  • Set your mind into fully studying Spanish
  • Help you improve your Spanish one whole level in just a month
  • Teach you more Spanish in a month than what a traditional school would teach you in a term.
  • Provide you all the materials you need for your study

This Spanish bootcamp will require your full commitment into learning Spanish. It won't be easy, butSpanish Bootcamp the results will be great, promise!.
You will have 2 Skype Spanish lessons a day, and you are expected to put at least another 2 hours into self study and exercise solving. 

We organize our course in monthly packages, which will pull you up one whole Spanish level. Of course, every person is different, so the course will be adjusted to your special needs. 

Every monthly course includes:

  • A weekly plan, where you can check what you have to do for each week, step by step. 
  • The Spanish grammar made easy (specially tailored for your level). The best and easiest Spanish grammar guide ever written, with great explanations and a fun writing style. Every month you will get a different book. 
  • The Spanish exercise booklet (specially tailored for your level), to help rooting the grammar concepts into your mind. Great tool to make sure you understand the concepts you´ll learn
  • Four Skype talks with Alberto, to plan together each week, and to check how is your learning going.
  • Ten Skype lessons a week, focusing on conversation and guiding your through your learning

You will be tutored by Alberto, who has been involved into Online Spanish courses and teaching since 2009. If you need something, you just have to ask him. We are fully involved in providing you whatever you need to make this Spanish bootcamp a really enjoyable and profitable experience. 

The price of the monthly course is 1200€, and we can assure you that this will be your best investment in quite a while!. You put the money and your effort, and we provide everything else.

If you want to try this intensive methodology but you can't commit into a whole month, you can try our weekly intensive course, and see how it works for you. Or if you just don't have the time for such an intensive course, you will surely enjoy our Skype Spanish lessons, that you can adjust to your time availability.

Student Testimonials

    • Barnaby Lim - New York

      Barnaby Lim - New York

      "Alberto does not only teach you Spanish. He gives you the confidence that your Spanish has and will improve. I always feel 'enriched'...

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    • Cara Sophia - Germany

      Cara Sophia - Germany

        Last summer I stayed for 2 months in Barcelona. In the beginning I was very unconfident about my Spanish and was afraid to talk to others in...

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