Why should you learn Spanish Online?

The best way to learn Spanish is to come to Spain or South America, spend a year here, meet local people, get a boyfriend/girlfriend who doesn't speak your first language, and forget about language lessons. 

That is the truth and we don't want to hide it!. 
Nevertheless, that is really difficult to get for most people. You probably have a live, and leaving it behind for a year is probably not an option. Learn spanish Online

We offer you the best easy and affordable option to learn Spanish. Just at your home. You open the laptop, connect to Skype and have a really good Spanish lesson with a great teacher from Spain or  South America. 
Professional, fun and good teachers, no just your neighbour's son, who was once in Mexico and knows some Spanish. 

You have the opportunity to join a top-notch Spanish school, without having to move from your home or office.

We have the best teachers from all the local based schools, our prices are better than most of the language schools, and we really care about you and your learning, even when you are thousand of km away from us!. 

If you are afraid about how it may work, about the internet connection, about we getting the money and running away, about paying with paypal, about...whatever. You just have to have to write us and get you first lesson for free. Just try it. You will be seduced!. 

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Student Testimonials

    • David Martins - Portugal

      David Martins - Portugal

      "I had Spanish lessons with AlbertoProfesor for 3 weeks. My teacher was a great and fun teacher and I really enjoyed having lessons with...

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    • Jonas Levin - Sweden

      Jonas Levin - Sweden

      I really like to recommend Alberto Profesor because without Alberto and his team of colleges my progress in Spanish wouldn’t have been...

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