Student Testimonials

Jonas Levin - Sweden

Skype Spanish student - JonasI really like to recommend Alberto Profesor because without Alberto and his team of colleges my progress in Spanish wouldn’t have been possible.
I used Alberto Profesor’s services for almost four months to study for a big exam and with hard work and a lot of great personal guidance by Alberto I passed the test and everything feels great!
This is how learning Spanish should be, fast, effective and super fun!

Cara Sophia - Germany


Cara - Learn Spanish from GermanyLast summer I stayed for 2 months in Barcelona. In the beginning I was very unconfident about my Spanish and was afraid to talk to others in Spanish.

But when I started classes with AlbertoProfesor everything changed. His enthusiasm and his skill to involve people in conversations motivated me. I realised that talking in Spanish is the key to success. Suddenly I gained more confidence and talked and talked hence my Spanish improved a lot.

My teacher always gave me the right instructions and even studying grammar felt so much easier after his lessons. 


David Martins - Portugal

David, Skype learning from Portugal"I had Spanish lessons with AlbertoProfesor for 3 weeks. My teacher was a great and fun teacher and I really enjoyed having lessons with him. His fun and creativity will make you realize that there is a very easy way to learn Spanish language!"

Stephanie Reina - Austria

Great Skype Spanish student from Austria"I had several lessons with AlbertoProfesor and I have to say, that it was definitely always great fun. Alberto is an incredibly talented, enthusiastic and young teacher, who does not see teaching just as a job. Guess it's almost something like a life-philosophie. He's open-minded, creative, communicative, intelligent and it's really easy to get along with him. Whilst classes we had to laugh a lot, but we improved a lot too. It's much easier learning another language if there is a nice and positive atmosphere in the class. And I have to point at, that a language is for speaking, and that's what we did a lot. Furthermore Alberto does not see students just like students. We went as well for having ,after-school' activities which were in his private time. I think I had a great teacher, and I've certanly gained a new friend. Thanks a lot. Un million de gracias. Vielen Dank. "

Sonia Grigoletto - Italy

Sonia, learn Spanish from Italy"In Barcelona Alberto was one of my teacher at school. He's a very funny guy and a very, very capable Spanish teacher!! You will have fun taking lessons with him and most important you will learn spanish very well! And I think that you will know a lot of stuff about Spain too 

Lisa Della Pietra - Germany

Lisa, Spanish student from Germany"I loved all my classes with AlbertoProfesor. We spoke a lot and I really got to improve and practice my Spanish. He is a really funny guy and you notice that he enjoys teaching. I would highly recommend him as a language teacher because I have learned a great deal in a short period of time."

Alexandra Hjorth - Denmark

Alexandra - Student from Sweden"The teachers at AlbertoProfesor made learning spanish easy and extremely funny, I really enjoyed their classes"

Barnaby Lim - New York

Barnaby Lim - Skype Spanish lessons"Alberto does not only teach you Spanish. He gives you the confidence that your Spanish has and will improve. I always feel 'enriched' after Alberto's class. Better yet, my friends told me my Spanish has improved. The most important quality from a teacher is passion. That's Alberto. He's one of the finest out there! Grab him!"

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