Mission & Values

AlbertoProfesor was born to allow people from all around the world to learn Spanish with the best teachers, the best method and the best structure. 

Quality from anywhere in the world

Spanish is a language with a lot of potential, and everyday there are more people in the world willing to learn Spanish. This has attracted a lot of businessmen who have opened a lot of Spanish schools, promising fast and easy learning. The problem? They do not have trained teachers, as finding a good teacher with qualifications and experience is not an easy task in many parts of the world.

Thanks to the Internet, we can offer you the best Spanish teachers, selected from the Spanish schools in Spain where we have worked before. 

All our teachers have a university degree, some special Spanish teaching training and experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We also ensure, they are easy going people, nice and full of energy and interests! 

Distance is not a problem anymore to get a good teacher!

Optimize your time

Nobody likes to waste time. Having to move to a language school for a Spanish lesson may take as much time as the lesson itself. That time can be spent much better in actual learning, grammar review, funny conversation with a teacher, or watching a Spanish TV show.

Thanks to your computer and our online lessons, you won´t have to waste any minute of your day. Just turn on your computer, attend the lesson, and right after that you can keep doing whatever you were doing.


Taylor made education

Another way to make the most out of your time is using one to one lessons. We don´t trust in teaching Spanish to big groups of students, because even the best teacher won´t be able to resolve the specific needs of each student. Each student is different, and need to be taught in a different way, and at a different learning pace.

We don´t trust either in fixed and pre-made lessons for all kind of students. Our method is based on individual consideration of each student, its necessities, goals and difficulties.


The great value of a good teacher

There is nothing like a good teacher. No method, lesson, course, book or CD can work without a good teacher behind it. Our teachers are not only great professionals, but also passionate conversationalists, and lovers of the Spanish language and the people who want to enter in our culture.

Mistake correction in real time is essential in a one to one lesson, so our teachers will make you aware of your mistakes, and will also provide you with the best solution to solve your communication problems. 

Laughing you learn Spanish better

There is no way to learn if what you study bores you. We hardly believe in engaging conversation as the best learning tool. 

Talking about you, your city, your country, the music you listen or the food you like is the best way to raise inside you the idea that Spanish is useful. You want to communicate something, take the tools your teachers provide you and you say that in a foreign language. That´s what a language was created for!. Of course in this path you´ll have your teacher guiding you and correcting your mistakes until you produce a perfect sentence. 

All of that in a relaxing and funny atmosphere!. We can assure you that there is not better way to learn than that!

Personal effort to learn Spanish

When learning Spanish you have to be aware that one of the most important factors is your personal effort. 

We can provide you with the best teachers, the best method and loads of motivation, but if you don´t study hard you will early find that the process will take long. 

In AlbertoProfesor we believe in intensive and fast learning and the combination of a great method with personal study from the student. 

Just attending lessons and forgetting about Spanish for the rest of your week, is not a good way to learn a language.

The price of learning Spanish

Talking about effort, learning fluent Spanish can be as hard as studying a degree. Do you remember your good teachers in college? They could teach you much more in one hour than the so-so teachers in the whole year! And of course, your personal study and effort was decisive for you to get your degree!.

Talking about money, we believe that our prices are quite tight. Our main goal is to create a growing number of happy students, because that will be our best advertisement.

Unlike many traditional schools we don´t think in our students as walking ATM´s.

On the other hand, we are not the cheapest. Remember: if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

AlbertoProfesor team is highly qualified, and we love what we do. 

Our teachers are paid with a rate higher than the one paid by most of the language schools in Spain. That way we make sure that the best teachers are with us and won´t leave us for economical reasons. 

We want the best teachers, not amateur people who want to make some money!

We are going to make things really easy for you. A great online course, easy explained grammar, conversation via Skype, and all the help you may need. But ultimately, you have the last word about your learning. 

Welcome and we hope you enjoy your Spanish learning trip!

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