The birth of an Online Spanish School

AlbertoProfesor was born in 2009 as a personal project of Alberto, our head teacher. 
After having worked in several traditional Spanish schools in Barcelona he wanted to offer his lessons to people all around the world, that didn't have the time to come to Spain to learn Spanish. 
There were a lot of people from Germany, USA, UAE, Australia, Russia and several other countries who really wanted to learn Spanish but just couldn't find the right teacher for them in their hometown. Skype was the answer, so Alberto started teaching them using self made Spanish materials that he had been making. 

We are growing!

After the first year, a lot of students were coming to us, so new teachers were incorporated to the project, and thus AlbertoProfesor started to become a widely known and appreciated company to learn Spanish via Skype. 

Our lessons are not traditional lessons, because we think that boring raw grammar is the worst way to approach a second language. A language is a communication tool, and we teach it as such. So conversation is our main learning tool. And effective talking and understanding our clear goal for the student to reach.

The future of Online Spanish teaching

Time gets by, and we realize that a lot of students wan to have intensive courses, so our teachers started last year working in developing the perfect system to intensive Spanish teaching. The results are our weekly and monthly intensive courses, that are still developing, but already getting really good feedback. 

What will be next? We don't know yet, but we will like to have you around to discover it!

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Student Testimonials

    • Stephanie Reina - Austria

      Stephanie Reina - Austria

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    • Lisa Della Pietra - Germany

      Lisa Della Pietra - Germany

      "I loved all my classes with AlbertoProfesor. We spoke a lot and I really got to improve and practice my Spanish. He is a really funny...

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